The Crooked Path

Follow the straight and narrow we’re told and everything will be alright. True enough. But we are human and there are only a few who can do that (and maybe really only One).  There are detours off that straight path. Those are the ones that teach us lessons we could not learn any other way.

The goal however is always to get back on. How do we do that when the detour has gone on too long and the road looks so very far away? How do we choose over and over to head back to that straight and narrow when the detours seem to be not of our own making? How do we offer redemption to the people in our lives who struggle with the journey?

The easiest way is to have someone who gets you started and never gives up. Who waves from the edge of the path so you never lose sight of it. Who always welcomes you back when you manage to make the turn around no matter how long it takes. Who reminds us we are redeemable.

Eventually we become resilient. We learn how good the right path feels. We make a wrong turn and the time it takes to get back is shorter and shorter. And the person holding on to the path for you? They tell you “I always knew you could do it.”

That’s only part of the deal though. Why should this wonderful experience stop with you? The truth is we are all supposed to hold onto the path for others. To take the far less traveled high road when it would so easy to judge and discard. To keep waving when you become so very tired and discouraged. Honoring the crooked path when others have given up? That my friends is true redemption.

~In loving memory of Mrs. Rosie Jordan