The Buck It List

Getting  bucked off a horse is generally a bad thing. The horse got annoyed or scared. You weren’t prepared or trained enough to stay on. Usually the rider goes down and the horse moves on like nothing happened.

Life can be just like that. One day everything seems to be going so well and the next day your world falls apart. The resilient among us get up, dust ourselves off, and get back on the horse. To be truthful that takes experience or a lot of thinking ahead. So how can you be prepared when you haven’t been through enough to know what to do?

Build a buck it list. Write down the things you have at your disposal to overcome obstacles large and small. Maybe it’s learning to take ten deep breaths or asking yourself if the drama is really about you or increasing your time with loved ones so you never have to say “I wish”.  Praying, listening to music, watching a funny movie are other ways to get push through what seems to be an impossible situation.

There is no point in asking that the horse never bucks or you never fall. The point is to figure out how to get back on.