Start From Here

It’s painful, irritating, frustrating to lose something. You might feel like a failure. Please don’t. Accomplishments do not happen without a struggle and the greater the accomplishment the greater the struggles. Note the s on the end of struggles. There are often many.

Here’s the thing. If it were easy everyone could do it. What’s the “it”? Raising children. Taking a leadership role. Finding money for an important project. Being a lightning rod to increase social justice. Forgiving others as you would have them forgive you. There are a million pieces of the accomplishment puzzle. Filling in any single piece is huge.

What prevents so many of us from continuing the struggle? We feel we have to start over and who wants to do that all the time. Pretty sure that’s no one. So the secret is not to view setbacks as start overs. Look at them as start from heres. Nothing is a waste. It’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. That can be hard to take especially when there are so many obstacles and the road is long.

How very different we might view our faith if God had simply decided to forgive all and not send Jesus to earth. What about Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Mother Teresa or any other peacemaker? The truth is we like winners who have to work at it. So work at it my friends. All you have to do is start from here.