Proud Or Proud?

There’s a fine line between being proud of oneself and being proud.  The first is high satisfaction with a task or event accomplished successfully.  It’s internal.  The second is external and is based on a sense of arrogance or entitlement.

It’s an important distinction we make with all our Summer Extravaganza campers. Doing the right thing whether or not anyone else knows. Overcoming an obstacle that prevents us from being the best we can be. Creating an opportunity for someone else to be successful. These are all examples of hard work on our own character.  We can also be proud of others. It’s a show of support for the hard work they are doing.

The other kind of proud is destructive. Pride in gang membership for example. While it is very hard work to be in a gang it is not for the benefit of our community. Bullying takes pride in reducing others to secondary status at school or work. Pride in an accomplishment that is so great it is used as an excuse for other horrible behaviors. Sports, entertainment or wealthy celebrities do it all the time and it’s so disappointing when we discover it.

Are you proud or proud? Take a minute and make sure you know. Could be the beginning of something really great!