Nothing To Do And All Day To Do It

Ah summer. Even the word sounds relaxing. No schedules. No homework. No demands. *Clap Clap* Wake up! You’re not the one who gets endless days of kicking back. No we’re talking about your kids. (Sorry!)

One of JLJ’s favorite programs is Summer Extravaganza and this year is no different. We have so many activities planned for ages five to seventeen.  Swimming, special events, character development, good food for breakfast and lunch. All free for our campers for five weeks.

Because here’s the thing about the long days of summer vacation with nothing to do. It eventually leads to  boredom. Boredom leads to [fill in the blank] which often leads to something no one wants. We want your kids. You want your own summer enjoyment. What is not to love about that!

Email or call us. The information is here. We can’t wait!