Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Is there anything better than being with people who think like you? You get each other’s jokes, hear the family gossip, have the same outlook on life. Often the political and social views are exactly the same. It’s a bond that is difficult to break because of the long history of shared experiences and memories.

What happens in your circle of friends and family if something happens that flies in the face of everything you believe? A child who goes down the wrong path. A friend who is moving halfway across the U.S. without knowing a single soul much less a family member. A cousin who is the victim of a horrible random crime.

First reactions are amazingly thoughtless. Not necessarily negative just without active thinking. We often have opinions we didn’t realize we had before a new experience pops up. Do they feel true? Are they simply a repeat of something you heard before perhaps many times? Once you give the situation a great deal of consideration do you change your mind i.e., wish you had kept your opinion to yourself? How easy is it to go back and say you thought it over and here is what you really believe?

Thinking and believing are two entirely different things. Take the time to know the difference.