Delaying The Inevitable

The call to greatness is heard by all of us. Maybe it’s being a sports hero in high school. Maybe it’s being the valedictorian of a college graduating class. Perhaps it’s being gifted with a difficult child and the realization nothing is given more than can be handled.  Maybe it’s becoming a great artist at the very end of life.

Too many of us are afraid of that call. It will interrupt our lives. Take a lot of time away from our DVR or Netflix. Force us to look closely at how we might be part of an ongoing problem rather than part of the solution. Make us tired. Really, who wants more of that?

Here’s the thing. When we put off the something great we are here to do it can interrupt the something great of the others around us. It’s like a long line of dominoes set up for a grand performance and one – just a small distance out of place – stops the show. Everyone who’s watching is disappointed. It’s not that they can’t be set up again but it takes a while and probably with less enthusiasm. Who knows what obstacles might pop up that would have been no trouble at all had it worked the first time?

What kind of world could we create if we all stopped delaying the awesome inevitability of our gifts?  Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.